Wednesday, September 07, 2005

LAST MONTH I LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING AT THE HEART OF OUR RELATIONSHIP this month, will you marry me? Mark Feehily of Westlife and Kevin McDaid announce their engagement, which is quite sweet, although it's a big step for a man who a few weeks ago was still pretending to be heterosexual.

Apparently, the couple chose to get engaged to celebrate the fact that Westlife fans didn't react too badly to the news that Mark was gay:

"I've been over the moon since coming out and fans have been supportive, so I know they'll be happy for me. What better way to celebrate this?"

Kevin is going to adopt the Laura Bush position in the marriage:

Kevin who was in the band V says he is going to do his best to support Mark's career.

He said: "I'm planning to give up my career to support Mark. There is only room for one star in our family and it has to be him."

Kevin, sweetness, even with Mark in the family, there's still room for a star there. And while giving up being in V isn't too much of a sacrifice, doing it to be able to support Mark's career is a bit puzzling - unless you think filling out those housing benefit forms is going to be a two-man job?