Saturday, September 03, 2005


British-based promoter Seabreeze has screwed up its organisation for two gigs in Marbella, failing to put up enough cash for the venue services leading to Bryan Adams and Jamiroquai gigs to be cancelled with very short notice.

Fans, ticket agencies and other companies are owed cash running into thousands and thousands of pounds, and Seabreeze has become uncontactable. The company is run by John Coletta, former associate of Deep Purple.

The Jamiroquai camp are pissed:

Promoters of Jamiroquai’s scheduled show in Marbella have today announced that they are unable to pay the costs of putting on the show. Jamiroquai, who along with their crew, trucks and equipment have been in town for two days, were ready willing and able to play tomorrow night’s concert and were extremely disappointed to be told the news.

“The promoters of the show, who have also cancelled several other scheduled shows with other artists through the remainder of the summer, were unable to fund the costs associated with putting on the show, including power, security, staging, policing and first aid.”

With no word from Seabreeze, those owed cash are considering taking legal action.