Friday, October 21, 2005


Pop's answer to Fred Quilly, Madonna, has scrambled back onto a horse as part of the PR to try and push her new Kabbalah album:

They do say that if you've been thrown off by a horse, the best thing you can do is climb straight back onto the Letterman programme, don't they?

Before the ride she said she had "excitement tainted with fear".

Happily, those are just two of the stains you can get out, even at lower temperatures, with new Daz.

It's curious that Madonna would go to all the trouble of riding a horse through the streets of New York for a television programme. Isn't TV trash, Madonna? Why appear on television when it's not good enough for your kids?

Or perhaps she didn't mean highbrow stuff like the late-night chatshows. Perhaps she was thinking more about the squawking music channels and their endless running of writhing beauties strutting their sexy stuff. We bet, for example, Madonna would be enraged to discover that MTV were giving dancers tickets to see her new tell-all movie to the sexiest dancers on a TRL competition this week. Oh, hang about, she was judging that, wasn't she?

But she'd certainly fume at the idea that kid's education is being hijacked to turn out pisspoor entertainment shows. Like the MTVu Stand In show, where proper lessons are suspended to allow a celebrity to come in and reveal how they done it. Although, now we come to think of it, she's just recorded an episode of that, too, hasn't she?

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