Wednesday, October 12, 2005


It's been rumoured as on the way for a while, but now it's here: Apple have confirmed a video iPod. That, in itself, is not interesting - what is surprising is the answer they've come up with to the question "why would someone buy an iPod with video if there was nothing to play on it?": Apple have signed a deal with ABC to flog episodes of their dramas through iTunes for about a quid a time. It's limited, it's US only, but it's one of those moments you might need to remember where you were when you heard the news.

Oh, and did we mention the remote control iMac G5 designed to be used as a home entertainment hub?


Anonymous said...

As an american, I can say with confidence that there is nothing on ABC worth paying that much for.

Euro Harry said...

Do I really need, or want to watch a video on the go unless it is Paris Hilton feeding cows in a barn in Texas.

Anonymous said...

IF I had stock in a Tv network (well, one that relies on rebroadcast shows rather than producing good ones), I'd be selling it.

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