Saturday, October 22, 2005


Well, it's lovely when there's a meeting of minds: Oasis and Kasabian are friends for life; they've apparently even made pledges along those lines.

Singer TOM MEIGHAN says, "Noel's sorting us out with his studio for free - what a zone. Him and Liam are proper boys. We've just come back off tour with them and our bands just buzz off each other. We look at them on stage in awe, but Liam's told us we inspire them too, which is big. He told me that over the past ten years, we're the only band that can go on tour and have it with them. Us lot are mates for life now."

Let's just stop for a moment and raise our eyebrows at the phrase "what a zone." What a zone?

And, come to that "they are proper boys." Is it just us, or does this start to sound like gay porn written by a straight guy?

The sad aspect of this is the way Oasis are dancing round Kasabian is almost identical to the way they invited Ocean Colour Scene to be their bestest friends and constantly took them on tour.

And what happened to them, eh?

We didn't have the heart to Google on 'kittens sack'

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brown suits said...

I love all of them tracks and albums.

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