Friday, October 14, 2005


Surely, surely, surely not? Can any company, even Gio-Goi, really think that adding a range of clothes designed by Pete Doherty is going to help their sales?

More to the point, if Pete is supposedly all about the music, why would he even entertain the idea of something so clangingly celeb-tatty as doing a Gwen Steffani?

Meanwhile, if things weren't bad enough for Kate Moss, she's now got to put up with Jay Kay offering her advice from the time he "touched the depths" (apparently, this isn't a reference to shagging Denise Van Outen):

"My life has changed completely. I kept kidding myself that I was not an addict until one day I suddenly realised I was.

"If you can’t admit to this then you will never be able to quit.
"Unfortunately from what I hear Kate leads the sort of lifestyle which leads you straight to cocaine."

He advised her to "find a true friend and with their help cut yourself away for a year".

He added: "I gave up on my own. I didn’t go into a clinic.
"I didn’t kick it slowly otherwise I just would have restarted all over again. I just stopped and that was it."

Of course, the problem is that while Jay Kay went away for a year to wean himself off the drucks, the whole world managed to kick their Jamiroquai problem by pretty much the same process.

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