Thursday, October 27, 2005


Now, how are things going? Some of the court cases featuring Michael Jackson have been cleared up - antiques, which were somehow never paid for, returned; jury happy that he never actually touched those children in that way on those occasions; jury service ducked. In fact, with things getting slightly clearer, it seems Jackson got bored and has launched a new lawsuit, countersuing Marc Shaffel; Schaffel is suing Jackson for unpaid loans and the costs of producing two TV sepcials.

Interestingly, Jackson's counterclaim suggests that Schaffel was supposed to pay the costs for the production of What More Can I Give, Jackson's never-seen-the-light fundraiser after September 11th. (Talking of which, how goes the Katrina benefit, Micko?) Meanwhile, Jacko also reckons Schaffel kept a quarter of a millions worth of sculptures and painting that belonged to him. Although we don't know if that's "belonged" in the real sense of the word, or the sense where he's just taken them from a shop and put them in his house.

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starbender said...

No-One We Know BELIEVES Michael Jackson INNOCENT!
He's a FREAK; and now a LIAR!!!

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