Friday, October 21, 2005


For some reason, we're picturing the time Harry Corbett had to be sued by his own son to stop him doing a Sooty revival after he'd sold him the rights, as we hear the news that Rick Buckler has joined a Jam tribute band called The Gift.

Although the idea of drumming in a band that's a tribute to the band you were actually in has the smack of being just two notches above selling shoelaces from a tray in the street, Buckler can still afford a spokesperson:

A spokesperson for Buckler, 49, said: "The title of the band is both a nod towards the last Jam album and Rick's gift in return to all Jam fans.

"The Gift are both proud and excited about going out and playing The Jam's back catalogue."

It would be tempting to go down to their gigs and shout "the singer's not bad at doing a Weller, but the drummer's nothing like himself...", but it would be cruel.

Even more astonishing, Bruce Foxton is currently in Stiff Little Fingers.


Anonymous said...

What is also interesting is that, while The Gift contains 33% of the original band, Stiff Little Fingers only contains 25%! So which is more authentic? (Especially when you factor in that much of the creative force of SLF was Gordon Olgilvie (sp???) who wasn't even in the band in the first place!)

Paul said...

That Ananova story is rubbish. Everyone knows the Jam had FOUR no.1s - they missed out START. Call themselves journos!

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