Tuesday, October 18, 2005


If there's one thing the people of High Point, North Carolina are agreed on, it's their pride in American Idol winner and local girl Fantasia Barrino. Which means, actually, there's nothing they agree on as a campaign has begun to have Welcome to High Point, home of Fantasia Barrino signs removed.

We're a little surprised they put them up in the first place - wouldn't it be better to have a something to welcome visitors that's going to go stale a little less quickly, like a pot of yoghurt or some bread?

Fantasia has upset the people from her town by describing it as "the Land of the Dead" in the book she wrote where she told how she couldn't read or write, and now locals Kyle Sandler and Jennifer English are running a website which sets out to disprove Fantasia's characterisation of their town as the sort of dull place with small-minded people who have so little to do in their lives they'd turn a passing slight in a minor celebrity's ghost written book into a major issues.

The wonderfully named local mayor, Becky Smothers, has insisted the signs are staying:

"There's a lot more serious things happening right now than Fantasia's signs," she said.

God alone knows what that could be - is the local International House of Pancakes applying to erect a new lit fascia? An outbreak of double parking down by the mall?

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Unknown said...

Here's my letter for her:

FANTASIA, I am just surprised at how you inspire my students with your lifestory and your songs. You see, my school here in Washington DC is an all African-American school, and in my special ed class I allow my students to listen to your CD because your songs give them hope and motivation to go on and follow their dreams. YOU INSPIRE THEM! We talked about you again this afternoon and they would like to invite you to come and visit our school when you come by Washington DC. Our school is near the Smithsonian Museums and you can drop by while you're on your tour *wink*. We'd be very glad and honored if you can respond to this fan mail. YOU ROCK!

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