Monday, October 31, 2005


Madonna has made another pronouncement, so you'll want to update your shrines and Madonna-a-ramas:

Madonna says she is not interested in acting in any more movies, but she does want to move behind the camera like husband Guy Ritchie. The 47-year-old popstar told the New York Daily News, "I want to direct."

We're sure she'd be every bit as sharp a director as her husband, too, so why not? There's not a cinema-goer in the world who wouldn't support Madonna in moving behind the camera, although why should she stop going just one step behind? Keep walking, love, past the camera, out the big sound stage doors, round past the catering bus and out through the studio gates. Hopefully, you can persuade your husband to join you.

If it will help, we're sure we can persuade the academy to give you a special Oscar for making the movies better by keeping away.

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