Saturday, October 29, 2005


Oddly, we've not had a response to either of our two previous emails to Liverpool City Council's Flo Clucas, the council member who has been given the job of announcing the we'll pull it down/no, we'll save it somewhere policy for Ringo Starr's house.

We're starting to wonder if, maybe, she's treating us with contempt. It could be, though, that she's just lost our email. We thought we'd give her another go at explaining that whole "it's of no significance... oh, actually, it is..." business, so we sent her one last email. It ran something like this:


It's been a month now - well, longer, actually - since I sent you a short email asking a couple of questions about Ringo Starr's house. And not a word - not a 'mind your own beeswax'; not a 'of course, as an elected representative I'm happy to answer any questions that may help you understand the bizarre twists of the story'. Not even so much as an out-of-office reply. (That's an Outlook thing, by the way, it's not a reference to political office.)

Maybe you just don't check your email very often; maybe you deleted it by mistake. I do that from time to time. Just in case, I thought I'd freshen up my questions and see if you can't help me understand this whole story a little better.

Now, if I've got it right, there was an investigation into preserving Ringo's house, which the Associated Press and the Liverpool Echo report you as saying discovered the house had no historical significance, as Starr only lived there for three months.

What form did this investigation take, how much public money was spent on it, and how did such an investigation manage to leave you telling the world that Ringo resided in a place for three months when he lived there twelve times as long?

Then, a couple of weeks later, you announced that the house was to be saved after all.

Why did you suddenly do a u-turn? What new information came to light showing this house was of historical signifance after all?

The plan now seems to be to take the house down brick-by-brick, and store it somewhere?

How much will this cost, who will be paying, and what is the long-term plan for the bricks?

And finally - and really, this is just out of curiosity - are the council making any cash out of the destruction of the neighbourhood is in?

I do hope you can at least find some time to acknowledge receipt of this email, and perhaps to share some of the answers. The assumption from such silence is that there's absolutely no policy at play here at all, and it's all being made up as things career along, out of control. But that's not the case, is it?


Simon HB, at No Rock & Roll Fun

As ever, we'll let you know the minute we get a response. If we do.

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Anonymous said...

Flo Clucas has been avoiding similar questions, regarding her abuse of position involving Merseycats, in which she has a vested interest.

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