Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well, who'd have thought it, eh? Robbie Williams has popped up saying he'd quite fancy being a girl because he wants to know what a female orgasm feels like.

It probably would be an amazing thing, for Robbie to be able to experience a female orgasm. From either side, we'd guess.


Brian said...

Maybe the reason Robbie wants to fancy being a girl is because then he would be able to get some guys to be with. Maybe he can't find any gay men to be with him so he wants to be a woman for an easier find of guys.

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remmaps said...

Natalee "Natalee Holloway" Holloway

Beth "Beth Twitty" Twitty

Anonymous said...

Well Robbie has a big announcement coming up they say, so may be he is going to come out at last. ?hough that would hardly be a big surprising announcement though would it. So maybe not

Unknown said...

For a second I was wondering why Robbie didn't hit as big as he could have in the US. He's certainly talented enough, I liked him a lot. Then I forgot what a big ass he is, really...

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