Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We'd imagine there's going to be a bit of unhappy clucking over at Yahoo! Music today, where in return for their generous sponsorship of BT's Digital Music Award, not only did they see their rivals iTunes and Napster pick up prizes, but also would discover the winners page is pockmarked with "buy this from iTunes" buttons.

And what a glittering range of prizewinners:

Best Pop Artist :James Blunt

Interesting - he's clearly not pop, and the 'best' and 'artist' both seem to be quite a heavy overstatement...

Best Rock Artist: Stereophonics
Best Radio Station: BBC 6 Music
Best Digital Music Store: iTunes
Best Digital Music Community: Coldplay
Best Dance Artist: Gorillaz

The idea that Gorillaz are the best dance artist would be, perhaps, the most preposterous idea for a prize ever, were it not for...

Best Urban Artist: Goldie Lookin' Chain

It's almost as if the chairman and board of BT climbed to the top of the BT tower purely to piss on black culture from a great height - it's on a par with nominating a bunch of comedy yokels as best rock act. (Okay, they did sort of do that, too)

Best Event or Performance: London Live 8 Concert 2005
Best Promotion: Robbie Williams ‘Greatest Hits' Radio Player

Best self-promotion?

Best Campaign: Coldplay – X&Y
Best Use of Broadband:
Best Use of Mobile: Natasha Bedingfield Mobicast

The idea of Natasha Bedingfield's gigs being broadcast direct to a device which actually allows you to order anyone listening to it to leave the room does have a certain appeal.

Best innovation: Napster To Go
Best single: U2 – Vertigo
Soundtrack of 2005 in association with Virgin Radio: The Magic Numbers – Love Me Like You

We presume this is an award that's meant to sum up the music which soundtracked the year. Or perhaps just which band had the most fans with internet connections.

People's Choice Award – Official site:
People's Choice Award – Unofficial site:

We were robbed! No, really, we were.

Artist of the Year in association with Metro: Gorillaz

Really? Metro readers are a funny bunch - they're the ones quickest at ducking into those little boxes on the stations, and as such tend to be up early in the morning. Perhaps all that early rising blunts your judgement.


Anonymous said...

Only noticed the lyrics in U2's new single while listening to last night's Mark Radcliffe:

I like the sound of my own voice
I didn't give anyone else a choice
An intellectual tortoise
Racing with your bullet train

You said it, Bono boyo.

ian said...

Given how yahoo music have dismembered what was dotmusic, I'm sure it was only a bung to the judges that saved them from winning the "worst thing to happen to online music" award.

Also on that site, I've noticed that the Official Charts Company don't seem to be able to spell Sugababes.

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