Thursday, October 13, 2005


We were surprised and delighted to have BBC America's Anglophenia blog brought to our attention, as it's written by an American who's pretty well-up on matters British, filtering our tatty showbiz world back to us from across the Atlantic. It's like looking in a big mirror, one of those curved ones you get in bathrooms which make your skin look like a mixture of holes, curious white corkscrew hairs and small red postules the size of the Purbeck Hills. In other words, it's spot on. (If you're reading this from the other side of the Atlantic, of course, it's not like a mirror, it's like magnifying glass. And if you're reading this in Asia, the metaphor - surprisingly, perhaps - is like trying to read a street sign through a classic design coke bottle and polaroid sunglasses.)

Anyway, from this source comes the news that The Subways are getting poised to swallow something hard and jagged, and drop their metaphorical trousers in a bid to break the US market - they're going to be band of the week on The OC.

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