Thursday, October 20, 2005


You'll have been wondering "who will do the official Children In Need single this year, then?" all week. Well, wonder no more. Ananova's got the news... and a picture

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Hmm... it seems it's going to be a bunch of legal secretaries on a hen night. Oh... hold. Liberty X. (Or Liberty * [*boys never pictured]).

The song will be a Night To Remember, and it is, of course, a cover of a single by Shalimar from back in the... well, past, shall we say.

But you can get involved, too. Oh, yes you can:

Kevin Liberty X [not pictured] said: "We don't have to be the only ones raising money by singing. Families anywhere can do their own concert or maybe a sponsored karaoke to raise money."

Well, it couldn't be any worse, could it?

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