Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Trouble at Massachusetts, where Poison singer Bret Michaels was sat on his tour bus, minding his own business and preparing for his invitation-only acoustic show when somebody shot through the window. Michael was hit by broken glass, but unabashed:

"It is going to take more then a cowardice act like this to make me stop performing or stop my tour.

"I plan on staying out and finishing the shows as scheduled. I want to thank all of my fans in the Chicopee area for staying out last night, and I will be back.

"Hopefully, with the help of many people, we will catch the person who did this and they will be brought to justice."

Michaels seems to think he was being targeted personally; local police disagree - although they would, wouldn't they? If they thought he was being singled out, they'd have had to pull in all music lovers in the area.