Tuesday, November 01, 2005


There are only two sorts of artist who play GAY - young singers who see courting the gay audience as a way of building their career, and older acts on their way down who hope to hold off their Norma Desmond a while by cruising for the camp market. We'll leave it up to you to decide what sort of booking Madonna at GAY is.

More seriously, with Madonna the public face of the Kabbalah cult, should GAY be offering its hospitality to a representative of a business which has, at best, a confused attitude towards homosexuality?

Let's just review that Kabbalah.com advice again:

emanation: Do you think that a person born with a lack of sexual desire for the opposite sex should try to become heterosexual?

Billy: If they feel inclined to embrace the spiritual path of Kabbalah and seek deeper answers to life.

LeahLeah: Are you saying homosexuality can be overcome? I don't understand how this position can be manifesting a superior magnitude of Light. This seems judgmental and doing nothing but instilling self-hatred into those who feel their very nature is a "condition." Have you witnessed someone overcoming their gayness via the Kabbalah teachings--as well as a subsequent depression-free life?

Billy: Yes i have. And the kabbalistic view is not about morals, ethics or judgements. On the contrary, everything about our nature is a condition. Our normal bodily desires are not our true selves. Souls are not heterosexual or homosexual. The truth transcends these limited concepts. Each of us come to this world to achieve enlightenement, growth,correction and transformation. According to ancient Kabbalah, homosexuality, like any other aspect of human behavior or desire is included. This is the view of the Kabbalists. You do not have to accept it. And if Kabbalah cannot offer the complete transformation of anyone's life, then who needs Kabbalah.

Perhaps Madonna can explain to the GAY audience how her cult will help them "correct" their sexuality. We're sure that would go down well.


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