Tuesday, November 01, 2005


As America pauses to remember Rosa Parks, so Britains take a moment to try and remember Alex Parks. A few older members of our tribe claim to recall her, winning some sort of talent show, but the younger one think she's just a myth.

Myth or not, she's resurfaced, having an angry at Tatu:

“It is insulting to see t.A.T.u. acting the way they do. It feels like they’re trying to make a bit of a joke out of being a lesbian. It’s sad.”

“If their music was any good then it might help, but their latest record sounds exactly like their previous one.”

We don't think Tatu were exactly playing the lesbian for laughs, Alex.

But once Alex starts talking of singers who've probably never really known the love of a real woman, she can't stop:

“I don’t understand how James Blunt has done so well.”

“I think his songwriting is poor. He’s got a rhyming dictionary and that’s it. He’s so unimaginative and boring. His music is not deep enough for me.”

Yeah, look at James' rubbish words - how shallow can you get?

Maybe that's what it takes
For me to be with you
Maybe it's our love saved
Maybe that's why it breaks
And we do the things we do
Maybe that's what it...

Oh, hang on... that's not James, is it? That's Alex's Maybe That What It Takes, isn't it? Funnily enough, it's surprisingly easy to get confused between the two.