Saturday, November 26, 2005


How can Robbie be gay, when he's got the hots for one of the Cheeky Girls?

A source told us: "Robbie kept telling Gaby that she’s sexy and beautiful. Then he asked how she kept her figure and she explained she had a gym and a swimming pool at her pad in Regent’s Park. She invited him to come for a workout with her, so Robbie asked Gabrielle for her address.

"Gabrielle has vowed not to date anyone until she has seen Robbie. She is really smitten and would love to see what could happen between them. She remembers having a Take That poster book back in Transylvania.

"It’s incredibly exciting that she’s even met him, and now he’s asked her out."

The Cheeky Girls? Really? The band have gone into a decline of late, although we believe their cheesey old pop tunes are still incredibly popular in some gay clubs. The band were, of course, most popular for wearing tiny little hotpants and pointing their arses at the camera, but we've no way of telling if that was what Robbie liked best about them.