Friday, November 25, 2005


Busily working on his best of album ("hit anthology", he's calling it), Bryan Adams has had a really good idea: he's dumped Mel C from the When You're Gone duet and replaced her with, erm, Pamela Anderson:

"For my new anthology album I wanted to replace the song I did with Mel C as it wasn't a hit in America. So I asked Pamela if she could sing and she said no, and I said, 'Perfect!'

"We recorded it in LA a couple of months ago. After a few glasses of champagne she was away."

It makes perfect sense, albeit in a "who cares if the finished product is shit, it's the only chance I've got of getting onto Entertainment Tonight in 2005" way.

Our understanding is that much of Adams' solo work also failed to hit in the States - perhaps he should step down from those himself and employ a roster of dim celebs to do the vocals - Jessica Simpson has time on her hands, and Anna Nicole Smith has been known to wrap her mouth around some fairly old and grisly stuff in her time.

We bet the original is worth squillions now. Okay, a quid or two.