Friday, December 02, 2005


Strange things going on if you try to access the Others website - At the moment, it's taking you somewhere else...

Of course, the Official site is meant to be - that's the one registered to Universal Music; is registered to photgrapher Andrew Kendall.

All very curious.


Anonymous said...

Simon, Simon, AndrewKendall is a very attractive man with fantastic hair who is pretty well known on the LondonMusicScene and as such has his own decidedly obsessive fanbase to be found at such places as who would be only too overjoyed to get their hands on his home address the registration site prints TWICE for all to see.

He let me stroke his lovely hair so I feel it my moral duty to save him from marauding fangirls molesting him outside his house as well as at gigs and festivals and randomly in Camden.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Point taken - I've removed the link to the page which printed his address...

Anonymous said...

Now I presumed it was a joke as Kendall's friends with the band but apparently he had a fight with Dominic Masters. Masters' career being, lest we forget, based upon the fact that he knows Pete Doherty (everyone look at him he knows Pete don't you know!!!), this makes AK even more of a legend than usual. Petty and childish as hell, but the Others are shit, so they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

so how do we overcome this? is there anyway to get around it do you know?
*gasp* fix!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I believe the other, more official site, is still working as normal.

Were we interested in making mischief, we'd register ourselves...

Anonymous said...

"dominic mainly seemed upset that i was taking pictures of other bands and that i hadn't put any new others pictures on my web site for a while. then he got really, really aggressive and tried to hit me on more than one occasion.

he was basically saying i was now too big to take pictures of the band, but if that was the case why was i in manchester?

the photoshoot was supposed to be this morning but i pulled it for the same reason i pulled the forum. i am no longer ready to go out of my way to look out for a man who has created a fictional scenario in his head and who was physically violent towards me."

Anonymous said...

No way... It's a nice redirect though andrew... I can see thought was put into it... Shame that you two can't sort out the arguments faster i'm sure he'll apologise when he realises his fans are nothing without their petty website..


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