Friday, December 23, 2005


It's been over a decade since we last heard anything from the Revolting Cocks, while Al Jourgensen worked on Ministry stuff. But guess what?

They're back. Oh, you guessed. Al promises the new album, Cocked and Loaded is everything you'd expect:

"It's pretty prurient and juvenile and everything else that Revolting Cocks are known for," Jourgensen says of the new songs, with titles such as "Jack in the Crack" and "Viagra Culture." "It's basically middle-aged men regaining their lost, juvenile delinquency years and being absolutely sophomoric. It's great."

Meanwhile, Ministry have a new album lined up for the following month, which is a little more serious:

"We kind of have this administration that's just a little bit arrogant and very transparent, as far as their agenda," says Jourgensen. "This little war going on overseas, the little Iraq thing, that's kind of got my goat, too. The arrogance of the right has just got me. All these wimpy liberals -- good for Howard Dean, screaming into a mike, showing them the left isn't all about granola and alfalfa sprouts!"

What do you actually need Marilyn Manson for?