Saturday, December 24, 2005


Howie Day - who's one of those people you vaguely know are pop stars, but can't quite put your finger on what he might have done to get that status - has got in trouble again. The charmer - who once locked a woman in the tourbus toilet because she didn't want to have to sex with him - has been charged following rowdy behaviour on a flight to Boston.

His lawyer attempts to explain it all:

Day, who is from Brewer, Maine, was returning home for the holidays and took a pill to help him sleep on the flight from Dallas, said his lawyer, Paul Kelley.

"He had a couple of drinks. The pill interacted with the drinks and he became intoxicated. He feels badly if he inconvenienced anyone, or caused any discomfort," Kelley told reporters outside court. "He has and will apologize, and our hope is that we'll be able to resolve this thing as promptly as possible."

The curious thing, though, is if Day feels he has something to apologise for and feels so badly, how come he entered a not guilty plea?

Day's back in court in March, and could be sentenced to up to six months if the court decides he interfered with flight crew.