Saturday, December 17, 2005


The trouble with officially-scripted lines of the day is that all involved have to remember exactly what the slight fib they're telling is. Take, for example, Jason Orange and Lulu. For years, the official line has been "ha - it was all friendly flirt". Only last night, Howard Donald forgot - probably having had his first decent meal for five years had given him a sugar rush - and he blurted the truth to Jonathan Ross - they did it. They did do sex. Together.

The Mirror seems to find this all a little unsavory, sniffing about the "twenty-two year age difference", as if the eldest one was thirty or something when it happened.

What it all points up, of course, is just why the That reunion is so much fun - it's like a pop music event, only with the pop group no longer caught in the rigid rules of what boybands can and can't do. (Unlike, say, Robbie, still having to instruct lawyers to "prove" he's heterosexual enough to appeal to key demographics.) It's actually an interesting insight - for years we'd assumed that Robbie had "won" the post-Take That war; now, he's looking increasingly like the kid who was made to stay back and finish his homework long after everyone else was out playing about on the football pitch.