Tuesday, January 24, 2006

3AM INFERNAL: They predict a riot. Again.

Presumably because Robbie Williams and 50 Cent never had the fight in Cannes they were predicting, the 3AM Girls in the mirror have a gap on their pages today, which they've filled by speculating on just how the NME award organisers are going to have to avoid Kate Moss and Pete Doherty and Peaches Geldof meeting at the prizegiving - apparently:

A music industry insider tells us: "Pete and his band have vowed to make it this year after failing to turn up last time. Kate has also been invited so organisers have been forced to rearrange the seating plan to ensure they are at opposite ends of the room.

Let's hope they haven't spent too long redrawing that seating plan, what with Pete possibly going to be in prison before the prize giving, and Kate - as the 3AM girls might have read in their own paper - isn't exactly hanging out in the UK at the moment. And if the pair of them did turn up, why on earth would putting their tables at opposite ends of the room be of any use at all?

- Eh, Pete, that model who dumped you is here, you know...
- Wassat? Eh, I've got some stuff to say to that cow... where is she?
- She's sat on the other side of the room
- Is she? Oh, I'll leave it then; I'm not going to cross a small hall to talk to her

Which just leaves the question: Why is Peaches Geldof on the guest list for the NME awards in the first place?