Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The long-rumoured Massive Attack best-of is going ahead - the release is scheduled for some time in March and you can have fun today trying to see how many tracks people can guess. That game, by the way, is called the "well, Unifinished Sympathy and, erm, that one about looking at you to see you looking at me and... can you give me a clue? game."

The answers would be:

Inertia Creeps
Butterfly Caught
Unfinished Sympathy
Future Proof
Five Man Army
What Your Soul Sings
Live With Me

- although, god love them, there's going to be a "special" "limited edition" version which adds another 26 tracks. Let's hope someone includes Jo Whiley telling indie band after indie band that she's surprised they've chosen Unfinished Sympathy as a favourite track.


Anonymous said...

massive attack releasing a best of is a big yawn, I'm sure it will find its way into many an Audi TTs cd player. how come there's no 'Safe from Harm' tho??

Eyetie said...

How come this wasn't released before Xmas with the other "Best Ofs"? Looks like climate change has affected the seasons more than I thought...

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