Thursday, January 12, 2006


A worried email reaches us from Gareth Jones, fretting over the non-appearance of Gennaro Castaldo, HMV's actual voice, in recent reports of Big Brother boosted sales. He clipped this from ContactMusic:

Says Gideon Lask, HMV Head of Internet: "We sometimes wonder why any celebrity would put themselves through Big Brother, but now, I think, we have the answer. These guys have only been in the house for a few days and, while admittedly building from a relatively low sales base, they are already seeing some benefit to their recording careers.

(Let's just pause awhile and wonder if its really taken four seasons of Celeb Big Brother for HMV to twig that people go on it to boost their careers.)

Perhaps Gennaro has been busy preparing his responses to HMV's poor trading over Christmas and the early departure of chief executive Alan Giles.