Thursday, January 12, 2006


We're sure that when Outkast's manager Blue Williams says that their Idlewild movie and soundtrack is nearning completion, he's telling the truth:

"You gotta let creative be creative, that's what it is," he said earlier this week about why it's taken Andre 3000 and Big Boi so long to complete the soundtrack to their oft-delayed film "Idlewild" (not to mention the film itself). "It ain't always when I want it. What it comes down to is, even when I'm ready to hit people with the wham-wham, the guys gotta be ready. I might be sitting there with the ill marketing — 'We gonna do this, this and this' — [but] if they ain't ready, they ain't ready."

Of course, they don't need to hurry - they can eat out twice a week on the money from the number of plays Johnny Vaughan gives Hey Ya on Capital.

The band are also thinking of doing something to put things right with the late Rosa Parks:

"We're trying to do a tribute special for her and get a lot of entertainers involved," Williams said. "Then turn the special into a DVD we can put in the schools and let teachers have it to show kids. It'll be performances, people speaking on there, a history montage. A nice special that would give her just do especially for people who don't know what she did.

"I thought it would be a great way to show we always had good intentions," Williams added about honoring Parks despite her suing Outkast years ago. "It was my idea to figure out how we could ensure that everyone always understood we always had good intentions towards Ms. Parks."

Outkast's naming of a track Rosa Parks led to Parks taking the band and their label to court; Outkast were released from the lawsuit but Sony-BMG continued to force the case to continue. The work promoting her memory was actually part of the settlement agreed with her estate.