Tuesday, January 24, 2006


We hadn't really had many rumours that Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie, the man known for, erm, being married to Madonna, was in any sort of trouble, but now that we discover both her American and British spokesteam are busily issuing statements denying it, we certainly have now:

Madonna's US spokeswoman, who has been on the London set of her new video said: "Guy came to the set to visit - once with the children Rocco and Lourdes, and once without.

"Mr and Mrs Ritchie seemed perfectly comfortable and adoring of each other. My sense is that they're quite a happy, content couple."

The singer's UK spokeswoman added: "There have been a lot of silly stories which are all untrue."

Hey, if two highly-paid spokespeople are rising up quickly to put down silly rumours that are totally untrue and not worth the time of day, that's enough to convince us.

Neither of them, incidently, seem to have found a chance to get Madonna to respond to that chap from the Kaballah Centre saying that the Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust brought it on themselves. Madonna, you'll remember, was "too busy" back in the Winter of 2005 to say how she felt about that; she seems to have been too busy ever since. We will, however, keep returning to this if she ever gets round to explaining how comfortable she is a high-profile donor and spokesperson for the organisation knowing that its paid staff hold such views.