Monday, January 23, 2006


When someone reaches a degree of success, all sorts of people come out of their past, claiming that it's all down to them. But with Arctic Monkeys, they're so young, they can't be expecting that. I mean, who's going to appear saying "I made you" - their sixth form music teacher or someone?

Yes, actually.

Richard Tolson, who teaches music at Barnsley College, helped the band make their first recordings - recordings he still has. The Sun reckons owning those early tapes is the musical equivalent "of a lotto jackpot", which seems to be slightly overstating it - even on a lame Wednesday you'd expect a couple of million from a jackpot, and without the rights to actually release the thing, you'd probably have something closer to the musical equivalent of matching three and the thunderball.

Still, it's really nice to see The Sun saying nice things about teachers rather than suggesting that there's a good chance most of the teachers in nearly all schools are child-touching perverts.


Anonymous said...

If the Devil has the best tunes, this guy must be in direct communion with him. I mean, a musician-svengali working with children? By the authority invested in me by the Daily Mail, I would like the Paedophile-Inspector General to investigate this son of Beezlebub.

Tim Footman said...

But he's not working with children, he's working with monkeys.

Which makes him a zoophile, which the Daily Mail will announce is the cool thing to be this coming summer (after the Cameroon Winter and the Tubercular Spring).

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