Thursday, February 23, 2006


There's Bloc Party, having a nice old chat with Rolling Stone about what the second album is going to sound like, and it's all shaping up lovely, like a mix of Radiohead and TV On The Radio, and then Gordon Moakes goes and says this:

He expects the track "Uniform" to be a people-pleaser, "Atonement" to be the record's "centerpiece" and "Wet" to get feet moving. "If all goes well with that one, it will be quite a brooding dancefloor-type thing, and quite druggy," he says. "We're hoping to maybe have some strings in that."

Noooo! Just because the chap from the label said "you know, you sold so many of your first album we'd happily pay for, ooh, a string quartet and maybe a couple of extra violas", you don't have to take them up on it. The curse of pop is the band who suddenly develop strings on their second album. Don't be tempted...


Anonymous said...

you don't like The Verve?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

They had two decent singles, at best, spawned the awful Ashcroft solo career, and - most unforgivably - used to constantly turn up and support bands in Liverpool wearing awful trousers.

TWO Spiritualized sets (once at the Krazy House, once at the Poly) were ruined by the tyro Verve.

They seem to tipify the "throw some strings at the mix and it'll sound quality" school of lazy ideas. See also, of course, Oasis doing Whatever

Anonymous said...

Yeah Simon, sums it up perfectly. Horribly overrated band.

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