Saturday, February 25, 2006


Yes, yes, of course the chap who did the hip-hop guitar business at the NME awards was Plan B, not to be confused with the magazine of the same name. Anyway, back to business, and despite having whined a few weeks back that he hated the way he was always portrayed as a bit of a milksop, James Blunt has now taken to portraying himself as a bit of a milksop, moaning that he doesn't get on with girls:

“I think sensitive is the wrong description. I’m British, so I’m quite bad at expressing myself in conversation — as any ex-girlfriend will tell you. I’m probably emotionally stunted.”

Well, you managed to express yourself quite well there, young James. Maybe you should try one of those "build your confidence" tapes they advertise in the cheaper papers. Or perhaps just stop making rubbish albums, which might mean girls stop looking at you pityingly.