Sunday, February 26, 2006


The most-viewed individual items on No Rock this week, since you ask, have been:

1. The Levellers - from squat-culture to penthouse flats
2. The summary from the week people first wondered what Chantelle Houghton's tits might look like
3. Hungry man wants to eat Robbie Williams, Liam Gallagher
4. KT says "I'm not gay, but my braces are"
5. Bloc Party threaten strings for the next album
6. Smash Hits: The final issue
7. Britney. Avril. A May 2004 spat. It's the Everything I Do of our stats
8. The NME awards in full
9. R kelly's brother issues DVD, accusations
10. Simon Reynolds sorts out the NME problem

You can enjoy the whole week on a single page - if "enjoy" isn't over-egging it
or try the previous week in a single post.

And, in the hope that you'll have something to keep you going through the bird flu lockdown, we suggested you order some, all, or more of this:

The Damned celebrate 25 years with a party, instead of a churlish attack on Green Day
Never mind your Morgan Spurlocks, this is the real thing: what happened when McDonalds tried to crush its critics, and its critics refused to roll over
Debbie Harry has a touch of the Madonnas with the side acting career
It's like a Moscow version of Threesome
Suicide live in Paris
The Wonder Stuff, it turns out, are still a going concern
Former Whig Dulli fixes you in his amber headlights
Why do they remaster CDs which were made in the CD era anyway? This time, it's Gorkys 1997 Tatay
post-spaceage Asimovgoth from HK119