Sunday, January 15, 2006


The ten most viewed individual stories this week:

1. The most popular brands in rap last year
2. Kula Shaker reform
3. Five years; 1,000,000 visitors; sometimes, it's just about us
4. Pete Doherty resumes posting to Babyshambles message boards
5. That May 2004 beef between Avril and Britney still doing the business
6. What the pop papers say: Daltrey defends Glitter; Ashcroft suggests his holidays extend his career
7. James Blunt owns music - the 2006 Brit shortlists
8. Mariah Carey's cup-holder flunkey photo
9. Isn't Bjork ker-azzzzy?
10. Celebrity Big Brother gets underway

The whole week on one page
The week before in one post

From the search engines: The most popular search term bringing visitors in this week - betting without "No rock and roll fun" and various variants has been "Chantelle Houghton naked", a tribute to the Not-quite celeb Paris Hilton lookalike from Celeb Big Brother. However, despite the keeness of people to see her tits, variations of "Pete Burns" with the words "puss" and lips have far outstripped her. We imagine that searchers were really looking for pictures of his lips ruined with pus, rather than the slightly more disturbing possibility that there are lots of people using Google who believe that Pete is actually a woman and want to see his pussy lips. The old standby "Edith Bowman topless" is still performing well; we don't know if Pete Doherty will be pleased or disappointed to discover that "Pete Doherty penis" was only one search ahead of people looking for the name of the music from the Yop advert. (It's a horrible reworking of Eddy Grant's anti-aparthied Give Me Hope, Joanna, by the way.)

And this week, we plugged:

A second round of applause, although nobody's calling it a re-release
. In fact, nobody seems entirely sure what this version of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is getting a new promotional push for.

Marc Almond's solo tour de force gets a re-release
- although Amazon didn't seem to have the new version.

The scorching soundtrack to the so-so film of the scorching book

Don't muck about with the cut-and-paste Doherty books - order the inside Libertines biography


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