Sunday, January 08, 2006


Pete Doherty has apparently resumed posting to the Babyshambles message board:

why we'd just love to have santgyaclause kumn stay for chrimss -[said in drunken American way of describble down the bracketed interlude that passes for the lot of my cradled or kept less comfortably )ie comforting) documenting of these rushes and runs that pass for days and night. the phone rings - an irate girl from a margate council estate reckons anyway for now somehow I'll wager a pinkie and me old brass dingerthat if y ou phone 07886862313 £50 is a ripoff 07737008095 you could get yourself (sic, obviously)

We think he's complaining at someone moaning about having to pay fifty quid for a gig, but it's hard to say. He also claims that "the police finally have the decency to admit that I wasn't driving...." - presumably when he was arrested for driving under the influence on the way to, erm, bury his drugs next to his grandfather.
[Thanks to John R for the tip]

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that the sooner this scumbag ends up a pulseless slump in a MacDonalds toilet the better. No sad loss to society!!

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