Sunday, January 15, 2006


We had to double check this was a new story and not merely the Sunday People's website republishing an old story by accident. But, no, it does seem that to fill in time before being sentenced on charges ofdriving round London with drugs, Pete Doherty has been driving round London with drugs in his pockets.

It would have been a year ago that Pete and Kate Moss first met, actually. Pete's written a poem to mark the occassion:

Are you still bowling around after dark?
Blowing your hope and smoke in the wind
I lit a little fire from your chimney spark
I knew I'd never see you naked again
And the whole world is our playground
Take the night by the hand
And set it on fire again

Blimey. We know some of the stuff on Down In Albion sounded flung-together, but that's really poor. "I lit a little fire from your chimney spark?" Pete, if you wanted to send Kate a nice poem you should have tried the budget card section in Birthdays. At least they scan properly.


Anonymous said...

That's actually just some of the lyrics to 'The Whole World Is Our Playground', a demo which goes back even as far as Libertines era if I'm not mistaken. It's a nice little ditty if you can ever get hold of a decent recording, best I have is here-

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, tomorrow Pete will wake up at 6am with "I Got You Babe" blasting out of his clock radio, and none of this will have happened...

Anonymous said...

i admit he's gone a bit off the radar now, but that song (which is really old) is actually quite beautiful!
there's a version they recorded for the second libs album somwhere, which is meant to be the bees wings.

Anonymous said...

This song is infact around six years old now. The lyrics are amazing && i have a great recording of it on my computer.

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