Tuesday, February 14, 2006


When Mutya was pulling herself out of the hungry-ferrets-in-sack of the Sugababes, she should have got a gagging clause built in. Or at least a guarantee nobody would suggest she was a hoodrat.

But she didn't, so Keisha is free to muse:

"Mutya brought more of a street element. When Mutya was in the band there was something edgy about it, whereas with Amelle it's more slick. People say we look more united now."

We're not entirely sure which people have been saying they're more united-looking, but we bet Stalin used to get the photos delivered and say "you wouldn't have been able to tell Trotsky was ever in them, would you?"

"Mutya had been in the band since she was 11 and it just wasn't something she wanted to do any more. It had nothing to do with Tahlia, her baby. I have no doubt she'll have a successful solo career.

"The main difference is that now everyone's happy. When someone's not happy with their situation, like Mutya was, it can start to have a negative effect on everything else around them."

So there's the implication that Mutya was lying about her reasons for leaving, and the suggestion that she's kind of like a poison gas. Fond recollections of long-gone friends...