Saturday, February 11, 2006


You'd have thought the AFA would be in full victory mode, with NBC having decided to not have Britney appear as a Christian cook after all. But, no, if the AFA can be unhappy about something, they will be, and they've decided that somehow NBC has called them liars:

"In an attempt to confuse the public, the network issued an intentionally misleading statement that left the impression that AFA had lied to our supporters," read a statement on the AFA website.

"When NBC said that the script 'has yet to be written,' what they didn't tell you is that the 'story board' had been completed and the offensive material was scheduled to be a part of the episode. The story board contains the outline of the program. That is the reason for the detailed description of the episode issued by NBC in their initial press release.

"The bottom line is that the actions taken by AFA online supporters like you caused them to rewrite the episode and remove the offensive segment."

Well, duh. Of course the company caved in in the face of the threat of some poor sod having to deal with thousands of poorly-written letters going 'why do hate the baby jesus?' turning up; but on the other hand - a storyboard isn't a script. Indeed, if it were a script, there'd be no need to have a script. It does seem like NBC had probably got further with the episode than it implied, but really... does it matter? You, the mighty AFA, have spoken and got a single joke blasted off the face of the world. Surely you must be gentle with this power? Now, why not go and see if the Family Circus is doing any scat gags this week or something. We're sure you can find something to get all upset about.