Sunday, February 26, 2006


Gary Glitter might have been complaining about his lot in the Sunday tabloids a couple of weeks back, but if the documents the News of the World have run today are true, he should be thankful the worst prospect he's facing is a few years with rats running over him.

According the NOTW, the Vietnamese police had got enough evidence to nail Glitter on charges of child rape; it was only when his victims changed their stories (mysteriously after they suddenly came into some money) that the police lowered the charges to child molestation; a crime carrying a prison sentence rather than being shot.

The paper seems convinced its dossier would lay Glitter open to child sex charges if he returns to the UK - although it doesn't explain how the British courts would be able to get the paid-off victims to tell the truth in the Old Bailey if they won't in their home country.