Friday, February 10, 2006


Having started invoking God like he was a mate, Bono is finding out He's a double-edged Lord. As Bono's main business, the finance company Elevation, is poised to buy up Take Two games, he finds himself on the end of a plea from Jack Thompson, a crusading self-appointed moral guardian. Would your God, the one who doesn't allow poverty, be happy with Grand Theft Auto, asks Thompson:

"Dear Bono," Thompson writes "I write you as a fellow brother in Jesus Christ, appreciative of your bold witness to the transforming truth of the Gospel, in both your words and your deeds... I write to encourage you, respectfully and in a spirit of brotherly love, not to purchase Take Two Interactive Software, Inc."

Doubtless Bono will be busy preparing an interesting defence of how he can square the two sides of his life. Or perhaps he'll dress up as a superhero and hope nobody remembers he's got this lucrative sidelines as a ruthless businessman.