Monday, February 27, 2006


Back in 1993, the Colorado town of Steamboat Springs had a brief moment in the sun when they renamed one of their bridges after James Brown. Actually - seriously - they called it the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe.

Look, it was enough to bring James Brown to town for the ribbon cutting; but not everyone was happy. Some people were convinced there was something rum about the public plebescite which had approved the name change; now, they want the old name back. It used to be called The Stock Bridge and, if locals get their way, it may be again:

"It's not part of our culture. They did it for a lark," said Bill Montag, manager of the Soda Creek Mercantile, a Western tack store where he circulated a petition last month to rename the bridge, garnering a couple hundred signatures.

They're going to have a public meeting at the Michael Jackson - King of Pop Hall on Dude, Antrax Like, Really Rox, Maaaaaaaaan Blvd to debate the proposed change.