Tuesday, February 07, 2006


There seems to be a degree of surprise that the Rolling Stones willingly agreed to let ABC censor them during the Superbowl Show.

Mick Jagger has a knighthood, remember. He might have been a bit cheeky during the 60s, but for the last few years he's been carefully crafting his MCC-tie-wearing gentleman of the establishment persona.

Surprise they let themselves be censored? It'd be no less surprising if they'd suggested it themselves.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why people are getting in such an almighty tiz about this.

When they sang Let's Spend The Night Together on the Ed Sullivan show in 1967 they changed *the title* of the song to

"Let's Spend Some Time Together"

Wow how rebelious and let's not forget 'Starfucker' became 'Star Star' on Goats Head Soup.

Oh yes always at the vanguard of rebellion our Mick

Anonymous said...

It has to be said, though, that he at least rolled his eyes when singing the adjusted lyrics. That action alone has put Keith up there with everyone who went on TOTP and either took the mickey out of the fact that they were miming (e.g. the Jesus Jones guitarist who wore boxing gloves) or didn't bother turning up at all (e.g. Iron Maiden).

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