Saturday, February 11, 2006


We're actually genuinely sorry to hear that Pete Burns has broken off his engagement after just 24 hours. The press attention apparently spooked Michael who decided to take a wee break - which, interestingly, is exactly the same reason that was given for the end of Preston's post-BB engagement. Although there wasn't an element of screeching "cheap blonde slapper putting her hands all over on live TV you cock" involved in the Burns engagement hold-off.

Meanwhile, Jodie Marsh has been ticked off by the anti-bullying organisation she fronts up: Beatbullying weren't amused by her attacks on other BB contestants on her website. They're keeping her on as a spokesperson, though, and apparently she's going to be touring schools soon. We're a little bit puzzled as to the extent to which someone who is solely famous for waggling her tits in newspapers is an appropriate role model for kids, but then we couldn't pretend to understand these things.