Wednesday, March 01, 2006


We've not actually spotted Kevin Federline in any of the photos, but we're sure that he's accompanied Britney to New Orleans. The city has been holding its Mardi Gras, just as if the levees had been repaired like they were meant to be, and it was important for her to be there:

"I think it's just important for New Orleans because they're such a soulful city, that for them to keep the traditions going as much as possible now, they need this – the spirit of it,"

Uh... she didn't just say that her being there was essential for the soul of the city, did she? But hang on, because she's sharing her experiences of Katrina (clue: she was somewhere else entirely):

"Well, we didn't really know the extent of it because they had a warning for like two days, and then all of a sudden, I didn't hear from my mom for like a week."


And Louisiana now, Britney? How is the place holding up?

"Words can't do it justice," she said. "I would see people on television saying 'You have to come here. You have to see it,' and until I actually came here and actually talked to these kids saying it was a nightmare and they were waiting to wake up from this dream… it's heartbreaking. It really is heartbreaking."

Well, you're right there - certainly, your words can't do it justice.