Saturday, March 18, 2006


Christina Aguilera wanted to perm her hair - perhaps in celebration of the perm turning 100 years old this week - only to be given some bad, bad news: Her hair is in such bad condition, any dicking about with it could leave her bald. Luckily, there's a hair insider to tell us more:

"Christina loves her hair and wanted a loose perm.

"But she has been told her tresses have already had so much treatment – including peroxide, hair dye and extensions – that her locks are too weak and brittle for the work.

"She is furious and is facing the next few months knowing she’ll have to wear wigs whenever she wants a curly look."

You can tell that those are the genuine words of a hair expert, as they use the word "tresses."

It's not all bad news, though: when she and Britney find their careers are at the point where the only option is a fight-off in the wrestling ring, at least Britney won't be able to get an advantage by tugging at Christina's hair.

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