Friday, March 31, 2006


Although efestivals are headling their story about the conviction of someone selling dodgy wristbands outside the V Festival one in the eye for a tout, Spencer Cottol wasn't actually a tout. Touts sell genuine tickets for inflated prices, whereas what Cottol did was sell fake wristbands for the Chelmsford leg of the festival. The key difference, of course, is that someone buying a forged wristband might not get in and, if they do, represents a health and safety risk by pushing the festival over its capacity; someone who buys from a tout has just paid over the odds.

V festival's head Bob Angus issued a statement:

"We do not approve of the production of fake wristbands."

I'm glad we cleared that up. We're not sure, though, if they do approve of people pulling on a Chinese dragon costume and sneaking sixteen pairs of legs in using just one ticket, or simply burrowing their way into the festival compound using an Acme Burrowing Machine. We imagine they'll still be having meetings to decide a policy on those.

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