Friday, March 03, 2006


Gennaro Castaldo is a multitasking man - normally he's called upon for an opinion on how many albums the Arctic Monkeys might flog, but need a quote on Gary Glitter's molestation crimes? He can do that, too:

HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said sales of Glitter's music in the UK were "negligible" but he may still be receiving royalties from North America and Canada.

Glitter's 1972 hit Rock And Roll, Part Two is used by ice hockey clubs there to whip up support.

Following his 1999 conviction, some clubs stopped playing his music but others have continued.

Also, of course, George W Bush was happy to use the track to set the tone for his arrival during his presidential campaign during 2004, despite having originally having dropped it for fear of it looking a little bit odd for his people to be paying money to a man running round the far east shagging children.

Mr Castaldo said: "During ice hockey games they play a lot of Gary Glitter music, and then there's the air play on radio.

"I suspect that if he does have significant income from royalties, it comes from North America.

"But people should not forget that a lot of the songs were not penned by him but were written by other people.

"There's also the possibility that, when he was successful, he invested in property which could also generate income."

This last bit is a little vague, isn't it? He might as well speculate that Glitter could have opened a chain of chip shops, or has a winning lottery ticket shoved under his aunt's clock.