Sunday, March 19, 2006


Also in the vehement denial of a split territory, Shirley Manson is insisting that her solo album (and the other guy's film music work) doesn't mean that Garbage is over.

Hmm. The Manics might be a little more credible with their insistence they're still a going concern - at least they made it to the end of their last tour intact.

Still, Shirley Manson solo - i.e. unencumbered by burly blokes. Some people may have been hoping for that for a few years.

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ca-dreamer said...

Not I. As fabulously sexy and passionate she is in the vocals, her artistic quality remains a question to me. The first album was absolutely fabulous, but since then, they have lost focus and strength. The newer albums have had more and more bad kink, I know its like obscenity you know it when you hear it, and more SLOW SONGS. I hope the solo album gives her a chance to let out the soft sounds and lets the blokes write up some strength. Either that or RELEASE THE BSIDES. A nice double CD with some good remizes of the hits.

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