Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Carlos Boozer
Poor old Carlos Boozer. He decided to free up some ready cash by letting out his Hollywood home. Unfortunately, he let it out to Prince. Although Prince kept to the "no pets" rule, apparently he didn't keep to any of the other agreements you usually undertake when you rent:

According to a lawsuit filed with the Los Angeles superior court, Prince painted the outside of the house in purple stripes, had his personalised hieroglyph painted on the house, as well as the number 3121. Far from being a helpful guide to the postman, the number is the title of the resurgent singer's latest album.

Inside, the singer installed a black carpet in a guest room and new plumbing for "beauty salon chairs" and the carpet in the master bedroom was replaced with a purple monogrammed carpet.

Prince pointed out in response that Boozer had happily cashed rent cheques after issuing a "cure or quit" notice, which appears to have led Boozer to back down.

When he comes to take the property back, he's going to find it difficult removing the groupies stuck to the ceiling.

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