Friday, March 03, 2006


There are, lest we forget, more appalling things than Heartbeat. As if by way of example, up pops James Blunt to warn us that, when he was at college, he made a student movie. In which he removed his trousers. And knickers:

"At university, I was in a student movie and had a sex scene.

"I met this girl in a cafe, then we met again, and lights, camera, action, away we went."

When asked if he had to strip off for the role he said: "I'm not going to give more detail, but yeah."

We understand, James: with that compelling plotline, we can see that it was a role which demanded nudity.

Of course, he was in the British army, which makes this student film less enticing. From what we can tell, most new recuits to the forces spend the first five or six months in Colchester or somewhere making home movies of themselves bollock naked and indulging in exciteable horseplay.